Questions & Answers

What resources are helpful for a simulation?

Background materials –
background reading about the scenario or the roles

  • This material helps participants who have limited time to prepare for the simulation.
  • Facilitators may supply material or task participants with finding, annotating, and sharing background materials, resulting in a more participant-directed experience.

Rules and procedures
– to help people participate in the simulation itself

  • Think about the activities participants will engage in and what guidelines will help them complete those activities. Your rules and procedures should describe the steps participants will take.
  • Explicit, thorough procedures help participants spend more time engaging with the content of the simulation and less time trying to figure out the logistics.

Simulation documents
– documents needed during the simulation

  • Drafts. Many simulations involve coming to a collective decision on a specific issue. It’s often useful to give participants a draft document to get them started on their way, rather than having to create a full document (law, policy, etc.) from scratch.
  • Instructions. Some activities might have supporting materials that participants need during the activity. For example, during a hearing, participants need the order in which people testify.
  • Worksheets and forms. These tools can help participants plan and keep track of decisions and steps.
What kinds of resources can I add?

ViewPoint allows you to add documents (for example PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets) and links to external websites.

Do I need to pre-load all the resources?

No. Facilitators, authors, and participants can all add more resources later.

Can I hide resources until later?

Yes. We’ll talk about that under Queued Content.

Can I share resources with just certain participants?

Yes. Resources can be public (seen by everyone) or private (assigned only to certain groups or roles).

Use the questions below to think through the details of your simulation. 

Background materials

What background materials will participants need?
What materials will you provide?
What materials will participants be tasked with finding?
Will participants share background materials with each other or do their own research?

Rules and procedures

It’s valuable for participants to have detailed descriptions of the rules and procedures for each separate activity — who participates, as well as who does what, when, and how. Do you have a procedures document for each activity?

Simulation materials

What documents will the participants need to complete the activities (such as drafts of agreements, policies, or laws, worksheets, or forms)?
Which will you provide in draft form to get them started, and which will they create from scratch during the simulation?