Peer Reviews

Peer reviews can provide:
  • participants with real-time feedback during the simulation so they can improve their performance
  • facilitators with information to help them evaluate participants’ performance
  • authors with guidance for improving simulation design for future iterations

Questions & Answers

When can participants review their peers?

  • During the simulation: to help them improve their performance in later activities.
  • After the simulation: to help participants in the reflection process and to help facilitators in the evaluation process.

A key consideration is to make sure the students have an opportunity to observe and interact with the people they’re reviewing.

Who sees the reviews?

The person who is being reviewed receives anonymous reviews from the ViewPoint message system. The facilitator sees who wrote the review and who it’s for.

Use the questions below to think through the details of your simulation. 

What kinds of feedback might participants in the same groups give each other?

What kind of feedback might participants in different groups give each other?

What kinds of feedback might participants give each other after key activities or events?
What other kinds of feedback might you be interested in getting from participants?