Questions & Answers

What’s the right number of participants?

ViewPoint is flexible — it can support as many or as few participants as your simulation might need. How many you include depends on your learning objectives and environment. Can your venue can support large groups? Would your learning objectives be better served by smaller, separate simulations or a large-scale interaction?

How can I add people to ViewPoint?

For participants:

    1. Uploading a spreadsheet – this is helpful when you have a large number of participants. ViewPoint has a spreadsheet template to make this easy for you.
    2. Individually – this is helpful when you add people later.

For facilitators: Add them individually (not in a spreadsheet) and choose “Facilitator” under “Access type.”

When do I assign participants to a role?

You can do this at multiple points during the authoring process:

  • Directly in the spreadsheet (as its own column)
  • Manually on the Participant page
  • Manually on the Groups & Roles page after you upload participants

How do I decide who to assign to each role?

You can assign people deliberately or randomly.

Deliberate assignment is helpful when:

  • you know participants fairly well
  • there are specific experiences or skills you want participants to gain
  • they have prior experience you want them to apply during the simulation

Random assignment is helpful when:

  • you don’t know participants well
  • you worry about fairness in role assignment
  • your main learning objective is to gain empathy or to experience uncertainty