Authoring Guide

A step-by-step guide to creating custom simulations in ViewPoint

Think a little now, save a lot of time later! 

ViewPoint promotes learning by immersing participants in a scenario that involves multiple people with different perspectives
For example:
  • Corporate leaders developing a strategy to deal with a public relations crisis
  • State legislators deciding whether to close down a natural gas pipeline
  • Managers in a team making a hiring decision and navigating the results of that decision
  • International negotiators trying to settle on a peace agreement in the Middle East
  • Medical professionals devising treatment to accommodate a patient’s end of life wishes

ViewPoint simplifies and streamlines the process of creating custom simulations from scratch or from existing content.

This Authoring Guide will walk you through each of the steps involved in creating a custom simulation. Each page of the Authoring Guide includes tips and worksheets to plan out the details of your simulation. You’ll then use those details to build your simulation in ViewPoint.

This guide will help you:

  • Overview: Think through how to construct a scenario and link it to your learning objectives.
  • Groups & Roles: Decide which roles or characters to include in your simulation.
  • Activities: Plan out the sequence of events in the simulation.
  • Resources: Anticipate which resources participants will need to prepare for and participate in the simulation.
  • Queued Content: Create a strategy for scheduling the release of resources and other content with participants.
  • Surveys: Decide what information to collect from participants before, during, or after the simulation.
  • Peer Reviews: Think about when, why, and how you’ll ask participants to provide feedback about each other.
  • Participants: Learn how to add participants and assign them to roles.