About Us

Instructors seek ways to incorporate hands-on methods in their curriculum. 

At ViewPoint, we believe experiential learning > lectures

What is ViewPoint?

An opportunity to overhaul the educational landscape.

ViewPoint is a SaaS platform that enables educators to bring learning to life, by engaging students and challenging them to work together to advance a scenario either in person, online, or in hybrid-teaching settings.

ViewPoint enables instructors to build unique simulations from scratch. In addition, ViewPoint offers a full course catalog of pre-designed, fully-customizable simulations that can be downloaded in-platform.

Why ViewPoint?

Research shows that student learn more effectively through engaged learning1. Collaborative learning results in higher learner outcomes, increased information retention, a sense of ownership, and the cultivation of interpersonal skills2.

Our Mission

To empower instructors by providing the tools necessary to engage students through immersive simulation experiences and to enhance student learning outcomes by facilitating collaborative learning and increasing learner participation.

Our Story

ViewPoint was developed by Elisabeth Gerber, the Jack L. Walker, Jr. Collegiate Professor of Public Policy at the University of Michigan’s Ford School of Public Policy, in collaboration with the university’s Center for Academic Innovation. ViewPoint was launched with support from Innovation Partnerships, the central hub for research commercialization activity at the University of Michigan.

Perceiving the limitations of lecture-style teaching within her classroom, Dr. Gerber wanted to assign her students to play the roles of senators, members of the house of representatives, and other legislators as she taught her students how a bill becomes a law. Beginning with a simple idea drawn on the back of a napkin, Dr. Gerber sought to create a tool that could facilitate a collaborative modality, regardless of classroom setting. Through innovation, teamwork, and dedication, Dr. Gerber and the folks at the U-M Center for Academic Innovation were able to accomplish this.

She began sharing ViewPoint with her colleagues and the word quickly spread. ViewPoint was soon adopted by several prestigious universities across the US, including Stanford, Boston College, and Georgetown, and recently expanded into Africa, at African Leadership University.

In 2023, Summit Venture Studio licensed ViewPoint from the University of Michigan, with the goal of expanding access and resources available through the platform.

“Leveraging Summit Venture Studio’s experience, resources and capabilities in the ed tech/software space, we are excited for the new opportunities this partnership promises” Elisabeth Gerber