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Educational Simulation Software

What is ViewPoint?

ViewPoint is a university-developed software for educators and other professionals to provide high-quality role-playing simulations. ViewPoint is highly customizable with options to organize groups, assign roles, and preconfigure new tasks based on previous learning outcomes so that learning experiences can mirror real-world scenarios.

Bring Learning To Life

With in-person, online, and hybrid settings, it has become increasingly difficult for students to engage meaningfully in the learning process. ViewPoint helps learners take the front seat in collaborative experiences, with customizable simulations. We help provide the quality training students need to comprehend and appreciate key processes in their industry or field of study.

Some Things Are Better Learned Through Simulation

Engagement is key to quality learning and collaboration. Our simulations allow ViewPoint users to learn the logistics of a group process and practice the soft skills necessary to carry out those processes effectively. ViewPoint requires collaboration and allows students to practice skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, empathy, and moral and professional ethics.

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This technology is perfect for helping educators, students, and teams, who want the quality learning experiences that come from group collaboration, but are limited by rigid online platforms.”

Fiona Hayes

ViewPoint President

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